Six inches

It's six inches and rising inside the office. The Environment agency says there's another hour of rising to go.

Well what a day...

We're homeless again.


Anonymous said…
Dear oh dear. It is not your day is it? (massive understatement I know)

I did get home ok although it did take nearly 3 hours!

Poor Helen is stuck in Wantage with no way home so I am sat indoors on my lonesome like a saddo. I keep asking her if I can pick her up but I forget that if I could do that she would be able to come home herself! Looks like she may have to kip at a friends.

Guess you are pretty stressed at the mo, hope you are all ok.
Beverley Cuddy said…
As Kevin Brockbank famously said at equally stressful times - "at least n one died!" Glad you got home ok. Thanks for all your help. Hope Helen finds her way home ok.

I'm looking at Weybridge at the moment for some nice serviced offices. Troops - what do you say to Weybridge? Would have to be nowhere near the river Wey of course....
PBGV princess said…
mmmmmm - Weybridge would mean a longer journey into work for me, jen and probably Julia.

A x
Beverley Cuddy said…
Actually it is 5 mins nearer for Julia, exactly the same for Jen - haven't got your address to hand to type it in. Brooklands Weybridge is what you need to type in to a route finder.
lisa said…
i dont no where weybridge is but its ok with me if i can still get to shool on time
Beverley Cuddy said…
There's one in Chertsey that is looking promising as well as the one in Weybridge Brooklands. It will only be short term and we'll pick whoever can take us asap without charging an arm and a leg. It won't be as far as Windsor this time, so that will be easier!
And as the kids have now almost broken up school runs shouldn't be a problem for this temporary relocation.
lisa said…
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lisa said…
will we be going back to the old office in the end or moving from there completely? .
Beverley Cuddy said…
Too soon to say, depends what our lease says. I would prefer not to! Two floods in one year would kind of indicate it will happen again.
We've only been back in five months after being in 'temporary' offices for seven months!
But the priority is continuance - getting back to work asap.
I'm hoping we'll be back at it Tuesday in a new location.
Bouncing back is the thing. It's how you deal with the negatives that decides your luck!
I'm sure we'll find somewhere near enough for us all - but the priority is speed and price!
PBGV princess said…
Out of the two, Brooklands would be much better for me.

A x
lisa said…

have you tried looking at office space in camberley or lightwater there is quite a lot of choice at the moment.

theres a lot down A30 if that any help.

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