My perfect day

Our driveway, we left at this point. Our South African neighbours left it too late and had to abandon their cars at the office

Under that brown yucky stuff is the busy Windsor Rd, the main road between Chobham and Sunningdale. Pix by Jen

We've just evacuated the offices. Hopefully all the staff will all get home OK - some have long journeys. I had the shortest, but roads were closing all around us, roads that didn't close in last year's flood that so devastated us. There's now a stream outside our gate at home - and we're a long way from the river here.

We had 60mm of rain in Chobham this morning according to the Environment agency.

The rain had stopped but the water was still rising as we left. We sandbagged, loaded computers and files into cars and raised everything as high as possible. The water is approaching from the road, the field - we were gradually being surrounded.

Surely it can't happen again, we haven't got our insurance claim in from the last flood yet....

It's weather like this that make you realise why people like their 4x4s. Although it's almost too deep for those too now.

Good idea to close and go home early before anything else can happen!


Em said…
Will keep fingers crossed for you that the water doesn't do too much damage. What a week you've had!
Badger said…
I got home... my Mini raft made it. Was only one hairy moment where I thought we were going to float away. :)
Martha said…
Hey Badger - you should have made a Noah's Ark raft like the one you saw in Guildford the other weekend!

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