A prison visit for the martyrs

Just got this update from Jill, I'll leave it in her own words as time is short and there's a small boy needs putting to bed:

"Well some good news, in the fact that Peter, and Peter alone, has been allowed to see the girls. More of that later.

Firstly, they have been up to the vet, and checked over. The head nurse said that they appeared to have adjusted, which is something, but Minki (brown girlie) had ear problems, and had to have her ears cleaned out and some drops. Jenni has a tick, which is being treated. They took photos of them, and I am going to check with the Bulldog ( solicitor) if we should get a vet's report now. I some how feel that it would be wise to anyway.

They then went to the clippers on two seperate days. Minki went first, and my dear old mum, who has been desperate to do something, was hanging around the shop, and once Minki had been dropped off, she went in with the clipper, and gave her big cuddles. The groomer, is lovely, and was getting everyone in the shop to come and give them lots of cuddles and hugs. She said that they were in a filthy state, and rather matted. Not surprising really! She did a super job, and I think that they will both be feeling better now!

Peter was allowed to see the girls for 45 mins in the exercise area at Gatwick Airport. They were delighted to see him. He took some doggie treats, and a couple of pig's ears for them to have. They were running around like mad things, and kept coming and rubbing themselves against him. The traumatic thing was having to say goodbye. Peter said that they were making an awful noise, and he is very down about it. At least we have seen them. Peter took a couple of videos on his phone, and a photo, so we could all see how they were.

We have received a letter from our MP saying that he has written, again, to the Police, and will let us know his reply. Once we have heard what they have to say, we are debating going to the National press.

Our solicitor has written to the Police Solicitor requesting return of 'evidence' ie our girls, and is still waiting to hear."

Fingers crossed this gets resolved soon.
The dogs and the family have been through so much already.

Further on in Jill's email she reveals:
"The best bit is the latest article in the Mid-Sussex Times. Some other facts appear in a follow up article that were in Peter's statement, but that the farmer didn't know....... wonder how the paper got the information?

This article states that we have not offered the farmer any compensation.......I wonder why........lack of evidence perhaps??? It also states that the owner - ie Peter - has ordered the destruction of the dogs!!! I don't think so!! When a friend pointed the article out to Peter, he was straight on the phone to the Inspector, but had to leave a message, as of course, they don't work weekends. He also contacted the Police officer who is looking after the dogs, who said that it was news to him. It also asks any witnesses to come forward. Sounds like they are having a hard time proving the case to me."

Perhaps we should contact the Mid-Sussex Times and point out there are two sides to this story? And since when did police statements get issued to the press?


Chapstaff said…
Poor Peter,

that must have been heartbreaking.

I don't know if I would feel better or worse for having seen the dogs. It's leaving them again that would make me cry....& make the dogs cry doggy tears too.

It's no help to anyone, but I am so angry I could spit! How the hell did the press get the info that Peter wanted the dogs destroyed? If they have nothing "interesting" to say does the press make something more sensational up?

Many people will have read & believed that.

What's stopping Peter & Jill from going to the national papers & giving their story? At least they could then check that the authorised version of events would be published in their own words.

I still can't see the light at the end of the tunnel
Em said…
Why couldn't the paper just phone Peter and ask for their side? So many journalists say that their job is to report the truth, but it's just about increasing distribution numbers...
My heart goes out to Peter and Jill, I really hope that the police see sense soon and hand the dogs over - surely they must have more important things to spend the public's money on! I suppose at least they've been groomed and vet checked now - but I think that's just too little, too late..

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