Blog experiment week 2

This is Tess's bum after one week of Yumega being added to her diet. I have to confess we have been guessing how much to use rather than using a measuring cup so we may have overdone in a bit, but can you see a difference from seven days ago? Here's the picture for you to compare...
Both dogs are bright eyed and bushy tailed - well Tess is bright eyed certainly, you have to take a guess with Oscar! But as you can see he was dashing about so much he's just a blur!

Here's Oscar's close-up of his coat. He was given a full body wash on Wednesday. And no, I didn't brush him for this shot, his coat seems to have more volume somehow - not sure how that can be. Other external factors - a lack of mud this week? Also, time of day. I was late taking these photos so the sun had gone in - you can see the colour of the grass is different and perhaps the change of light brings out the browner tones in their coats? I didn't colour-correct either pic, though. Will try to take the next pix in direct sunlight like week one - that's if we get any sun next Sunday!
I'm interested to see how both dogs get on as the trial progresses and we start using a measuring device instead of the over-generous guess-timates!.
Here's the before photo to remind you of Oscar's thatch... ugh!
Quite a noticeable change in just one week, I'd say. Will keep monitoring. I'd noticed a texture change a couple of days ago - a silkiness returned to Tess's coat that hadn't been there for a long time.
I'd thought it was just me wishing it to work - but normally sceptical husband Graham noted it too independently.

Will try to be good and keep taking the photos each week.


Anonymous said…
Wow what a difference. With both, but particularly Oscar.
Do they do a human version - I think my hair would benefit too!
Keep up the good work.
Chapstaff said…
Can't see any difference in Tess's coat in that pic to be honest, but Oscar's is incredible.

Are you sure you didn't groom him, or remove the odd dead frog?

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