Yumega trial week 3

Here's the latest photos - taken in the same light conditions. I think I'm beginning to see a sheen in Tess's coat. Oscar's coat is starting to look magnificent, but he is a young Beardie coming into his prime and his darker adult coat was on the way. Have to say it's a dramatic change for him in three weeks though and Yumega must be playing a part in that.

Week three above - and below at the start of the trial before taking Yumega

Week three of taking Yumega above - below without Yumega at the start of the trial.


Chapstaff said…
A bit more shine to Tess's coat. Oscar's looks fantastic
Anonymous said…
We use Yumega too after discovering it last year and my furbabe stopped itching after a couple of weeks. He has no flaky patches anymore, we think Yumega is lovely!!!!

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