Completely floored

Last night I experienced another of my mind-blowing kitchen floor mysteries.
Kieran and I were returning from a terribly civilised Chinese meal with Liz and John the founders of Organipets. They brought their lovely old dog Raffy, who is their inspiration and I brought along my son Kieran, who is pretty inspirational to me too - as he loves the restaurant and had done all his homework!
Between us we came up with the bones of an idea for an exciting new competition that will be launched at the Cold Wet Nose Show
The contrast between the idyllic evening and what greeted us at home could not have been more extreme.
Now regular blog readers will have read before about my kitchen floor mysteries! But this was no neat, peaceful dead rat or unexplained wet patch.
What it was is something I still don't know - but it stunk!
I suspect I needed the best forensic scientists of CSI Miami to come in with their funny little torches to work out exactly what it was and where it originated.
It had obviously been an animal at some time, but there was just too much of it to have been a rabbit and there was no fur or ears or anything obvious to help with an ID.
It hadn't been there before we went out so it had to have emerged from one of the dogs. If either of them had swallowed it whole, it was surprising - as whatever it was, it was huge!
Part of it disappeared again before I could clear it away and Oscar was very definitely the guilty one.
Both dogs seem none the worst for eating - well who knows exactly what?
Ugh. They're both none the worst for wear today though - although Kieran has probably been horribly traumatised by seeing what would have been a great special effect for a science fiction film.


Chapstaff said…
Hahahaha! I love your graphic descriptions.

Just off to put my head down the toilet....bleurgghh!
Penkitty said…
The plot thickens!!
Chips said…
Where was your camera? You could have had it as a Dogs Today competition. Ooooh, now there's an idea for a competition: "Guess what it was" and we send in pics of unspeakable mess and others get a prize if they know what it originally was.
Beverley Cuddy said…
We'd have had to have an X-certificate if I had captured in on film.
I'm still getting flash backs!

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