Week five Yumega

Now there is room for a confession before we start. We were away this weekend and had Grandpa (Graham's dad) to stay to look after Oscar and Tess and we forgot to brief him on adding the Yumega. So a few meals went astray... oops!
It's been a very busy week, don't know about the dogs - think I need a supplement!
We had a photoshoot on Friday and met some gorgeous dogs - can't really tell you too much more than that as one of them is a bit hush hush!
But I cuddled some gorgeous pups - Shiba Inu, Swedish Valhunds and a Labrador.
Got my first photoshoot related injury in 18 years - but it wasn't done in anger just an over enthusiastic young dog jumping up and catching me with a couple of claws.
This weekend was my birthday treat at Champneys and I have to say the lady giving me a massage did wince when she saw my arm - it does look like I've been quite badly abused!
Oh well, suspect they've seen a lot worse!
Here's the latest pix - Oscar obviously due a bath and a groom on Wednesday - lots of leaves in his fur! Grandpa tried his best to keep on top of the foliage but he is nearer 90 than 80!

Think it's pretty definite now that the dogs are shinier! Only a week to go. And only two weeks to the Cold Wet Nose Show! So much still to do.... but at least I've had two days at a health farm to prepare me for the week!


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