Week four of Yumega trial

More than anything this trial is proving to me how quickly Sunday comes around, it seems only a few minutes ago that I was writing the last update.
Not much has changed this week - while Tess's coat doesn't look much shinier, she does seem to be at last getting some oil in her coat which will help her become less absorbent on her regular pond dips!
Oscar is looking more beautiful every day - he is a handsome fellow. His temperament is just so lovely, too - but I know without a Champion title he's unlikely to pass on his genes. Will investigate the nearest vet for doing hip testing just on the off chance that he's not the end of the line, he's the most sensible Beardie I've ever met. Will get his eyes checked out too when I get a chance. There's no eye probs in the breed so far - but it's still as best to keep checking!


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