Another John Carter memory

Scooby as a pup

Hello Beverley

Just stopped having a little cry. We went to John Carter in 2002 / 2003 with our beloved dog Scooby. He had epitheliotropic lymphoma, advanced My vet gave me the biopsy results, did a check up and said "Shall we go ahead?" I was stunned and said no, he is leaving the surgery with me. My dog was very ill and a few days later after a heartbreaking night with him being sick and lying outside in a storm in the middle of the night (he was petrified of thuder) I decided I had to let him go. At work the next morning I saw a Dogs Today magazine in the shop featuring the work of John Carter. When I got in I phoned John, expecting that there would be no answer. He picked up, asked me about my dog and if my vet would fax the diagnosis to him. He asked me if I was willing to travel down from Manchester to London weekly or fortnightly to see him. Yes. We went that weekend and experienced just what you described. I thought I was mad, my family did .... my dog started to feel better. He was off steroids, on organic food, vitamin C and CV247. The terrible sores started to shrink, he was happier and so were we. I remember talking to John about how we would spend Christmas, the most important factor to me being with my dog that I had had since I was 18. We decided a nice quiet Christmas, see friends, family (furry and non furry). He said he would light a couple of candles. Each year I light a candle for my dog and I light one for John too.

We got extra time with our boy, a last holiday and New Year's Day on the beach with him and my family and their dogs. My dog let me know when enough was enough. He had a gaping wound reappear on his back and he left us.

I hope John's work continues and is of further benefit to animals and humans alike. I loved reading about him, my husband and I were saddened to hear he had died.

Claire Fitzgerald

Scooby in old age


Chapstaff said…
Aww - that is heart breaking to read. I'm glad you had enough time with Scooby to say goodbye properly.

What a tragedy it is, John Carter dying with his work unfinished.

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