The dog magazine whisperers

Just heard a really odd rumour.
Someone is spreading a story that all the Dogs Today staff have walked out.
Also heard that someone has been making really weird malevolent anonymous phone calls about us.
Sometimes I do wonder if I need to be in a less stressful job!
Who'd have thought a little dog magazine could be such a hot bed for espionage!
Just emailed all my people (it's half term so I've not yet walked in to the office to see for myself - who knows they might have walked out!) and I've had email back to say they are definitely all there!
Might have to order pizza for the guys today just in case they decide not to stick it out till the end of the day! It's hell working on a dog magazine quite obviously.
I guess technically the rumour is true - the employees walk out of the building at the end of the day and then they walk back in the next day - so long as it's not under water!
Jeez, where do these things start and why?
Do let me know if you've heard any whispers, we're writing them all down!


Anonymous said…
When reasoned argument and sense fails underhand tactics normally rear their ugly heads.

Mutthouse xx
Rascal said…
we sympathise with your problem - we have even had death threats at our blog - keep up the good work and focus on the positive - hope you don’t mind us correcting a little error in one of your articles in the 2009 march edition in our review - check it out here - - and hopefully this is not the reason you are suffering malevolent calls.

Best wishes - Rogue
Anonymous said…
Not heard anything here. I am sure the truth will out eventually. Can you get the caller number, for the phone calls?
Anonymous said…
The only thing I have read is on that chaps webpage(which you have answered) re your mythical appearance on Hampsted Heath however I did hear he has told his chums to keep moving magazines around in newsagents to cover over the cover page of Dogs Today = hence his 'cryptic' comments 'keep 'em covered folks' RIDICULOUS TWIT
Anonymous said…
PS How about a nice cheery photo of the staff in the next mag???
Linda Ward said…
"I did hear he has told his chums to keep moving magazines around in newsagents to cover over the cover page of Dogs Today"

I go in and uncover them again if they are covered, and I've reported it to my local branch staff!

Just make them a bit taller so they can't be covered. ;)

Haven't seen any rumours online, but I tend to avoid that kind of website these days.

Keep up the good work!

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