Damp and down in the dumps

Our office is down the first river on the right

We can't get to work again today. Not snow. Floods.

Just spoken to the Environment agency again - their website (above) is still not registering that this is a flood! The bloke argued that it probably did still fit the 'Flood Watch' category rather than the 'Flood Warning' one or the next one "Severe Flood Warning". I did point out that the TV news crew in the village thought it was a flood! But they were "watching" the flood - and the Environment Agency certainly weren't "warning" anyone!

According to the environment agency there are officially either No Warnings in force for our postcode or Flood Watch - the lowest alert you can have. So that's okay isn't it. I'm meant to get a text to warn me when there's likely to be a flood, too. No text so far.
But at 4am the village of Chobham was cut off and Craig (who is very tall) has just waded through the river which has relocated to the road and so far while the water is lapping the steps of the front door of the office and encircling it from the field at the back, it hasn't yet entered the building.
Abandoned cars are everywhere.
It's not exactly a heavy shower that has occurred here. Wonder what the Environment agency need for it to classified as a flood these days?
Chobham's a ghost town today - this is normally stationary traffic jams! Road are still closed, cars still abandoned. (And yes that is the little jewellers that appeared on Crimewatch recently - it all happens in Chobham!)

(We've been flooded twice in two years - I can't tell you how disrupting it is. First time it took almost a year for the office to be dried out and refurbed and we lost three skips loads of precious things, second time we had less to lose but it was still three months of camping out.)
I phoned the Environment Agency again to ask where we might get sandbags. "Your council," was the reply. Had it gone to flood alert yesterday I'd have sourced sandbags before we got cut off - but I trusted the text alert scheme and the internet warnings. Foolish.
A little girl tries to cross the road outside our office - her mum's going to be annoyed about those wet PJs!

I phoned the council to be told curtly, "no it's your responsibility to get your own."
Wonder how the little old ladies in the village get along sourcing sandbags. It's not like you can get Ocado to deliver them for you.
I've gone home, which is pretty dry. Craig is staying put at the office and has his socks drying out on the radiator.
We're hoping the water is going to go down soon.
Ironically we were just about to move the office to home, having come to the end of our soggy lease at last.
Wish we could send all this water to Australia - they'd appreciate it.


Anonymous said…
Blimey! You're only just up the road from us in Grayshott and we have blazing sun after having snow all morning. Hope you dont get flooded again!
Anonymous said…
I used to love the 'pirate' radio stations as a teenager..........perhaps a 'pirate' dog magazine sailing the ocean waves..............
Linda Ward said…
I saw Chobham on the news last night - they also showed Chelmsford near me which was hit worst in the country apparently - but the river was safe within its concrete banks.

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