RSPCA review is out

I had a chance to have a read through the RSPCA review into Pedigree Dog Breeding.
It is a very good, solid piece of work. It pretty much rubber stamps everything that Pedigree Dogs Exposed highlighted, but gives all the scientific references for people who want to look everything up.
It isn't easy for the media to get all excited by this as there's nothing much obviously new to angle an article on, apart from it's now a major animal welfare society saying urgent action is needed - not a TV documentary.
It calmly tells us what we already know, methodically and logically - proving every detail at every stage.
If you want to have a read yourself here's the link to the summary (cup of tea and some Jaffa cakes will help) or for the whole report (you'll need a flask and a pack lunch to keep you going).
Very interesting reading, and something to keep going back to and dipping into as there are some hidden gems of information.
It has made the task of the next review into pedigree dogs a lot more simple as this neatly roadmaps all the resources.
The KC are spinning away as usual saying how favourable the report is to them.
I think they're probably surprised at how fair and independent it is. How the science is shining out and all temptation to sensationalise the facts has been resisted.
Fact is without added drama it does show a very worrying state of affairs.
Click here for the KC party line (I would resist drinking and eating while reading for fear of spattering your computer screen!)


SanDiegoDogMa said…
"We have also achieved a significant amount of progress in tackling the key issues involved..."

I'm sorry, but that made me laugh. I am not sure the KC read the same report that I did.

In my mind there is but one single issue from which all other problems stem: the lack of genetic diversity. What has the KC done to address that? Until measures are taken to limit the number of litters a sire can produce and to allow out-breeding from non-KC registered dogs, all the health testing in the world won't breed healthier dogs in the long run.

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