Marley and Me

You don't get invites to many premiere's in my job, but I almost got an invite to the red carpet opening of the movie Marley and Me.
Story of my life...
Of course it went and snowed on the day of the real premiere didn't it so it got cancelled. When it got rescheduled it was downgraded to a screening, but it was still pretty cool seeing it a few weeks before it came out. No celebs in sight, but a very full cinema full of reviewers and even though I've not read their reviews yet - there was a spontaneous round of applause when the credits finished.
I had read the book and also the kids' book to Kieran, so we knew what to expect - we knew to take tissues and I left off my mascara.
Pedigree had very kindly given us four tickets so the whole family got to sniff back the tears in public. Pedigree get loads of product placement in this movie by the way!
It wasn't a bad film although I can't see anyone getting an Oscar, in some ways the doggie content was less controversial than the book. Fewer training references that could make hard core doggie people have those sharp intakes of breath when someone knees a dog in the chest for jumping up etc! And lots and lots of cute dogs playing Marley at all the stages in his life.
Defy anyone not to cry at the end, even though you know it's coming.
If you're going to see it in the cinema try not to sit in front of any eight year old boys as my son kicked the poor woman in front's seat quite a few times, especially when it was either a sad bit and he didn't want to cry - or an embarrassing bit where the two main characters kissed.
His review, "I preferred the book." But the kids' version didn't have any of the relationship stuff that made him blush!


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