A doggie year in clink for the Two Poodle Martyrs

Jill, the long-suffering owner of the Two Poodle Martyrs, has emailed to remind me that tomorrow her partner Peter is due to appear back at the police station as part of his arrest conditions. Their best solicitor, who they call "the Bulldog" can't be present, but they have a stand-in.
One of Jill's friends has a new boyfriend who has 30 plus years experience at Scotland Yard in the CID. He is shocked at what has been going on, I quote from Jill’s email:
"He is urging us to put in a formal complaint to the Chief Constable, under the Police Act, that firstly the investigation has not been conducted in a proper manner, and that Peter was arrested without due grounds. Secondly that proper procedures have not been followed, and that this has resulted in extreme distress to us. If these procedures had been followed properly, Peter would have been exonerated at an early stage, and our girls back home with us. I have forwarded the email to the Bulldog, and am awaiting a reply.
"We did have a message left on our home answerphone on 1st August, from the PC in charge of the case. He stated that we wouldn’t be getting the girls home till they had finished their investigation. What more can they want and what good is it doing keeping them? The 'Police-assisted blackmail' phrase springs to mind once again!
"Well, 65 days down the line, we wait, and Peter and I both feel that if we get no joy tomorrow, we are going to try and get some publicity for the girls. The farmer is quite happy to plaster his story across the papers, so why not us? We have been holding off, thinking that hope was just around the corner, but matters just seem to be going on and on and on....
"I was just working out how long the girls have been in jail in 'doggie years'. One human year is meant to be about 7 doggie years, which means that 52 human days are equivalent to one doggie year. This means that our girls have been in prison for over one year of their lives. Depressing or what?"
I think Jill and Peter have shown tremendous reserve.
Sanity must surely prevail and these two poor dogs will be returned to their homes.
Let us all wish them luck tomorrow - and should they not get good news, let's wish them strength in letting the media do their job and get the police to stop wasting everyone’s time – including their own!


Anonymous said…
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Em said…
Will be thinking of them. Hope someone sees sense soon..
Chapstaff said…
I think I've given up hope of the police seeing sense.

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