Inspector Potter & the Poodle Prisoners of darkest Sussex

The latest email from Jill and those poor Two Poodle martyrs:
"Well, our MP's Secretary has had a phone call from Inspector Potter.......he has said, and I quote 'The investigation is still on going, and because of the severity of the charge, the dogs have to continue to be held by the Police. He has also confirmed that everything is being done to speed things up' I am afraid that 'No Comment' springs to mind!
"Peter has also been in touch with the Dog Handler, and we are allowed to see the girls on Wednesday. He was meant to contact us today (Mon) to tell us what time, but as yet, we are still waiting. No surprise there then!
"Take care, 64 days and counting................"
There are plans for an on-line petition - keep watching this space.
Perhaps even JK Rowling might add her name? This is certainly harder to believe than any work of fiction.


Em said…
Online petition? Gimme gimme gimme. These dogs should be on probation at home with curfew collars.
Chapstaff said…
.....What Schnozzles said.

Are they not tempted to pay the "ransom" & get it over with?
Anonymous said…
Thanks for your information on vaccinations Beverley. I've seen Catherines site and it does make for frightening reading. It's such a minefield really. Thankfully, she seems back on top form now, but it is worrying, especially when there are indications that problems from vaccinations may take time to appear. I do suspect that she has been vaccinated previously, as she had been spayed and microchipped, so I'd be surprised if not. I may miss next year, to try and avoid over vaccination further, but will need to give it some more thought and research. Thanks again, Graham.
Flowerpot said…
must be heartbreaking for poor Jill and the poor dogs.

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