I'm of on hols for two weeks, Mallorca and, no the dog's haven't got pet passports - so it's only the humans packing their suitcases.
Oscar and Tess have already gone off to Tarbay, their second stay at the Windsor kennels. Last year they came back just as we left them - which may sound something unremarkable, but it was a considerable improvement on our previous experience with another establishment! Even though Tarbay wasn't the nearest, it was worth the trek. I remembered Cleo and Pops (two of my lovely old Beardies from years ago) had really enjoyed their stay at Tarbay.
The other kennels we tried managed to give us back one toast rack of a beardie pup and one roly poly Springer. Someone obviously wasn't supervising the mealtimes! Plus, they also gave the poor dogs a nasty dose of kennel cough each - despite having the jab.
I'm taking the laptop and the Blackberry - so I may still blog from the pool if I have the energy! But last time we went to Mallorca nothing remotely most doggie happened. Don't think I saw more than one dog come to think of it!
I'm hoping by the time I'm back we'll be ready to launch the Two Poodle Martyrs on-line petition - if they're not released already that is (fingers crossed).
Also while I'm away, we're putting to bed the October edition. So I will be reading proofs - so don't think I'm completely putting my feet up! See you soon and hope the weather in UK brightens up - thought we might flood again last night!


Anonymous said…
Have a great time Beverley!
Beanz said…
Have a good one!
Em said…
Have a great holiday :D

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