The Dumbo everyone forgot?

I just got this heartbreaking email as we finished the April magazine:

Dumbo is really desperate now - he's not coping well at all in the cold kennel. I was pinning all my hopes on him being in the next issue of the magazine, as I know he would have such a good chance of finding the home he deserves.
I don't know what else I can do for him.
Jodie Adams

Gulp! Maybe you bloggers can come to the rescue again? Here's some background on this poor dog - please do post far and wide and let's find a Disney-esque happy ending for Dumbo.

Here are his vital stats:

  • Eight-year-old Brindle Male Greyhound.
  • Dumbo has been waiting for a home for three years now. He is always overlooked due to his age and nervousness.
  • He is such a lovely well behaved boy, just a bit nervous around strangers. But once he knows you he is very loving and affectionate.
  • Dumbo is cat friendly and good with other dogs.
  • Ok with children, although we are looking for a quiet home with no young children.
  • He is housetrained.

Contact Castledon Greyhound Rescue on 01268 733293

Please let me know if you do offer Dumbo a new home. Wonder why he's called Dumbo - his ears don't look too big in this pic!

My good friend Petra (my bridesmaid and oldest pal!) posted this blog without me knowing on the Saddle-up forum as she is a very horsey girl and obviously very kind. Looks like the horse people are dog people too as she tells me that someone from there may have decided to give Dumbo a home. Not being a member of Saddle-up, I've not been able to look myself at what's being said. So if you are from Saddle-up - and I see from the stats that lots of you have been here visiting - do post something in comments if he's finally out of the cold and getting the life he deserves!
Well done bloggers and animal loving forum people, you really can solve anything! Three years waiting and less than three days being mentioned on the blog.... awesome!
Janet George who runs Saddle-up has very kindly enrolled me and I've been catching up and sadly the first volunteer was away from home for too long for the charity so wasn't successful so Dumbo is still looking... Fingers crossed there's someone out there who will turn that sad face into a happy one! Check out the charity's website for more details on Dumbo - look how totally un-stressed the cat is... Dumbo really is such a gentle fellow!


Beanz said…
oh, if only we had more space, more money and more time! He's gorgeous. Hope he finds a home soon.
Anonymous said…
I'd love to adopt him, but as our house has small children.... :-/


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