Post haste

Sorry for brief post, have never been busier! We had a great shoot on Friday, really action packed. Some lovely stuff, the highlight being Pickle - next month's cover dog - skateboarding. As she is not yet 13 weeks I have to say she's likely to be a high achiever!
Dogs that surprised me - Lowchens. Never really looked at them closely before, but if you didn't shave them to look like My Little Pony they'd be pretty much the cute, little, bright, shaggy dog that so many of us have always been looking for. Very Pippin-esque if you are familiar with the late Great Ann Head's succession of bright little dogs that graced so many TV commercials.
The five week old puppies were so cute, so were the Cavalier Kind Charles pups, too. Well all the dogs were cute - the Beardie at the end had a really amazing quality. It was a blue pet Beardie and it had those human eyes that can make you go a bit funny if you look into them for too long. It was one of those Beardies that seems to float slightly, you got the feeling if the fancy took it it would be off at break neck speed. The eyes were everywhere taking everything in - they are bright little buttons - but then I am biased!
We had a film crew with us, this time for a fascinating BBC1 documentary to be aired probably in May. Will tell you more nearer the time, but it'll be one to set the video for!
The people shooting at the last but one, doing a documentary on doggie injustice have finally got a broadcast date of early March. Soon as I have the date, channel and time I'll let you know as the Two Poodle Martyrs feature heavily.
One of the shocking stories I heard at the shoot came from one of our Cav owners. Their eldest dog almost died at New Year after a walk in the woods. The dog managed to find some human vomit and being a proper dog ate some of it - ugh! The person who had thrown up had taken a lot of Ecstasy. The little dog was so lucky to survive. But should any of you be out walking at New Year remember to be be alert to this risk as I guess that a lot of people over do at that time of the year and you really just don't know what some people have consumed.
Anyway back to Cold Wet Nose planning and magazine, putting kids to bed... sure there's a few more things on the list to do. Perhaps I should put making a list on my list!


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