Bright ideas?

Just had a lovely letter from a guide dog owner asking if anyone knows of a visibility collar that uses anything other than LED. I think he suggests fibre optics - although I have to say not that surprisingly his handwriting wasn't that easy to read!

Over to you - does anyone know of a flashing collar than isn't LED. I guess he wants something easier for him to see.


How about Visiglo? Available from Company of Animals...
Anonymous said…
This might be an option (from the Glow Company)

Ems said…
I use a electric (battery powered) 'glow wire) on my OH's trousers (yeah.. no.. dont.. ok, he likes psytrance clubs)..

The thing is the battery packs wouldnt withstand washing and are not removable..

I could make a leather collar with the wire removeable..

The problem with these things generally is that the components for brighter/bigger/better lighting are too large or bulky to fit to a collar.

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