Pedigree Dogs Exposed official petition at last!

Please post this far and wide - 10 Downing Street have approved the wording for our petition...

Here it is:

Following the powerful Pedigree Dogs Exposed documentary on
BBC1 the Kennel Club still seems reluctant to grasp the nettle,
face the problems and reform itself. The program revealed it
urgently needs to bring in mandatory minimum standards on
levels of inbreeding, make health testing mandatory, prevent
unhealthy physical exaggerations being rewarded and stop the
culling of healthy non-standard pups by changing breed
standards. The KC continually complains that it lacks the
backing of legislation to bring in these urgent and much needed
reforms, so we the undersigned urge the Prime Minister please
instigate legislation to ensure pedigree dogs are saved from
unnecessary future suffering.

If you would like to add your name to this petition please go to this link:

And do please read the previous post on this blog. "Saint Margaret" from Pedigree Dogs Exposed TV show (as I've just decided to call her) is about to be pretty much burnt at the stake by the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club. Her crime? Daring to speak out against Beverley Costello for continuing to breed from her dog extensively after it had been diagnosed as having SM, the ghastly disease that means a Cavalier's skull is far too small for its brain. (Quote from the show on syringomyelia from top neurologist Claire Rusbridge, "If you beat your dog with a stick to cause that much pain you'd be prosecuted.")
Please do have a read...

Just Googled Saint Margaret - "Queen Margaret was renown for her moderating and good influence and also for her devout piety and religious observance. She was a prime mover in the reform of the Church in Scotland."


Jontus said…
Signed it! And blogged it at

Many thanks for this Beverly. I know it's never easy putting ones neck on the line but you and your magazine are really helping to raise awareness to the problems.

Very best wishes,
Anonymous said…
Petition signed and link passed onto friends and family to sign.

Yet another letter written to the CKCS club (my comment regarding ths posted to previous blog entry).

Thank you for this Beverly.
Anonymous said…
Hi Beverley,

Well done for setting this up.
Signed the petition and will arrange to have it posted on our website in the next couple of days.
We are working on a page about the program and will include a link to the pettition along with a link to another petition to urge the BBC to drop Crufts.
With your permission would like to include a link to this blog?


Beverley Cuddy said…
Hi Mike

Please do link - and that goes for everyone, please do post this far and wide. We need the KC to listen and react and this petition may help focus the mind!

Do let me know when your petition is ready so I can tell others.
Best wishes
Julia said…
I've signed the petition. I was deeply saddened by the petition and cannot understand how people can be allowed to deliberately cause a dog to suffer (as some of these breeders are doing) without prosecution. The day after the programme I wrote to my MP (the first time I've ever done that) and urged her to watch the programme and support any subsequent legislation.

Good luck with the petition.
Anonymous said…
Just read this on the BBC news site

Good on them I say!
Barkley said…
Signed the petition, passed it on to friends and clients, posted it on my website where there are other petitions listed which urgently need signing.

Thanks for signing mine Beverley, keep up the pressure on the KC reform is long long overdue.
Anonymous said…
i also have a cavalier with sm, its very common as many as one in three have it to a degree, and the first person to speak to me about it, Margaret Carter, and if you go on
and here
to see how margaret is still hounded and bullyied by the breeding public at large.
Margaret is very king, very knowledgeable about sm, spends her time collecting dead dogs for research and fundraising and thats what they do.

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