Well done everyone...

You can all stop emailing Woman of the year....!

Just had the lovely phone call. Turns out the president of the Woman of the Year lunch is Joan Armatrading and she had seen the documentary and was just so moved by it so was delighted to have the nomination. So they needed no persuading and said yes on the first approach. Both Jemima and Carol are invited.

It's October 13th at the Guildhall - so thank you everyone. Will be a lovely day out and much deserved.

What next? An OBE? Sure the Queen would approve as she's a dog lover!


Anonymous said…
I can just see the Queen setting up her own business breeding "Dorgis" (Corgi Dachshund cross) as having hybrid vigour! She wouldn't need tax payers money anymore!
alfmcmalf said…
I am thrilled with this outcome. It is brilliant and as you say really deserved.

I note from my recent Breed Records Supplement (KC publication) that the Queen is not a member of the Accredited Breeder Scheme, neither are the Dukes of Buccleugh and Beaufort.
Anonymous said…
Depressing news - there is a meeting being held at the CKCS club with reference to a petition for Margaret C to be expelled as she broke confidentiality.

I wrote to them (as a non breeding, non-showing member)in support. I can't believe that these "Cavalier lovers" are more interested in vengenace than in taking steps to improve the health of the breed.

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