Would you like a flea trial?

Looking for five people with pets to trial this!

I tried these a few years ago and our dogs remained pest free. But would be interested in others opinions. I can't claim to understand how or why they work, but they appear to be a very gentle alternative.

Here's some blurb about them...

CatanDog’s anti-parasitic discs have been scientifically designed to repel parasites.  The discs emit low-range electromagnetic waves – these are undetectable by you or your pet - but are a strong deterrent to any fleas or ticks. In tests, Catandog discs have proven to be 95% effective within 7 -20 days of being worn.

Measuring just 2.5cm, the disc should be worn on your pet’s collar. Extremely practical, the disc is water resistant, odourless and completely safe.  Containing no chemicals, toxic or otherwise, the CatanDog’s disc is a natural and effective solution to one of pet owners’ biggest bug-bears! Furthermore the disc can be worn by dogs and cats of any age or weight, including sick, pregnant or even micro-chipped ones! 

What’s more, the discs represent excellent value for money when compared with other preventative methods. Priced at just £24.99 including postage from Canine Natural Cures, the disc typically lasts up to two years. A ten per cent discount is available for orders of three discs or more to the same UK address.

Canine Natural Cures                        www.caninenaturalcures.co.uk
If you'd be interested in giving one a try, email me your details to beverley@dogstodaymagazine.co.uk

I will need who do take part in the trail to keep notes and write up a short report as to whether they found the disk's useful and whether they encountered any fleas. Ideally someone who has had a problem with parastites in the past would be a good candidate. Oscar and Tess have so rarely had fleas etc that we didn't see any dramatic effects apart from staying flea free!


Digi said…
I have used these and they did not work, I tried them for 6 months before infestation just got too much. The only thing that I find keeps them at bay is Practik, even front line combo stopped working. I dred flea eason because not matter what we use we always end up with fleas, we even tried the herbel billynomates, that also failed.
Anonymous said…
That sounds quite interesting, but cannot see it making much of a difference here. Neither of mine have ever had fleas, and also they don't wear collars all the time (only on walks), so that would be pretty pointless. But I'll be interested to hear the results.
OurGangof7 said…
Not sure if I would be able to help or not since I live in Australia but thought I would put my hand up anyway.

While I don't live in an area that has a problem with Ticks, we do have bad problems with fleas. Fleas are constant battle for me. We have 2 dogs and 3 cats, all of them are a constant flea source it seems. I have tried everything and nothing works overly well and I hate using those horrid chemicals all the time.
Let me know if I could be of some help to you :-)

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