We'd like you to get much more involved...

There are so many interactive parts of the magazine and we have several pages of the magazine that need your input - plus opportunities to become  a canine supermodel and be quoted in another magazine, too - right at the bottom - if you have had an unplanned (doggie) pregnancy!

Got a cross?

We urgently need photos of first crosses for our cross question competition.  You need to be fairly sure of the two breeds that are mum and dad. Please email your photos and solutions to rachael@dogstodaymagazine.co.uk marked 'cross question'. Pix need to be roughly a minimum of 300kb when you save them as an attachment - and please don't embed them on the email as we can't extract them!

Funny photos?

We always need potentially funny or unusual photos of dogs that we can feature in our regular caption competition. Send your pix to to rosie@dogstodaymagazine.co.uk marked 'Caption'. Again pix need to be roughly a minimum of 300kb when you save them as an attachment - and please don't embed them on the email.

Proud of your vintage dog?

Do you know we have a special page for older dogs in every issue and that every dog featured gets a prize and the oldest each month gets a cake? We also calculate your dogs age for you in human years using a special formula. To do this we need to know the type of dog (pedigree or cross), the weight and the age. If your dog is 100 years or more in human years they will get a special telegram from the Queen's corgis. Send all the details and some information about your lovely older dog and preferably a photo(specification as above)  to luke@dogstodaymagazine.co.uk marking 'Golden Oldie' in the subject.

Got a supermodel?

We are currently particularly on the lookout for Pointers, Lhasa Apsos and Lagottos to attend our next photoshoot in February in the Berkshire/Surrey area, as always a midweek day and a quick turn around - our photographer works very quickly so no one gets bored.  (Click here to see a typical photoshoot experience - we made a movie of our last photoshoot!) Tim Rose is the best dog photographer in the world, you get to keep a CD of the images of your dog and see your dog featured in the magazine. We are always keen to photograph puppies in all these breeds and good adult examples to feature in our in-depth Fido Facts section.
Anyone with a puppy of any breed or type please also get in touch or again anyone interested in their dog being photographed please email rachael@dogstodaymagazine.co.uk with as many details as possible. General slots fill up quickly, so do hurry! Please cross post  the appeal for specific breeds!


We have always included obituaries with a photograph free of charge in the magazine. Please email your tributes to luke@dogstodaymagazine.co.uk. If you would be interested in arranging a major tribute that would take up more space contact Luke for more details of suggested cost.


We always have a very, very lively postbag and you can email your letters and photos, too if you'd prefer.  If something has amused, annoyed or in any way stimulated you to comment, please do email your letters and pix to enquiries@dogstodaymagazine.co.uk

Problem solving:

Got a question or a problem you'd like solved or just some moral support? The Think Tank is a completely free service. Just email your enquiry to luke@dogstodaymagazine.co.uk marking it 'Think Tank' and he'll post it on line for you. And do have a browse at other people's questions and see if you can contribute. This on line service usually transfers into the magazine but also remains a resource online for people to use for many years to come. We have some famous and fabulous vets, experts and behaviourists dropping in with advice and that mixed with very sound common sense and insightful first person experience from other dog lovers make it a very useful and time-sensitive forum.


Our Perfect Pup service is free to use. Are you a good breeder? You can have free adverts both online and in print if you agree to our very sensible minimum standards.
Are you unsure which breed of dog is right for you? We have a free service to help you with that, too. Complete a Plan-A-Pup questionnaire (available on-line to download at Perfect Pup) and post it off and receive detailed one-to-one advice (not computer generated a real human!) on what types of dog best suits your circumstances and tastes or what changes you'll need to make.
We also have breed rescue and breed advisors listed for pretty much every breed/type of dog.
Email rachael@dogstodaymagazine.co.uk if you're planning a litter to find out what tests you'll need to have done or need help getting a plan-a-pup questionnaire. Or indeed if you're interested in becoming one of our advisors.

Social media:

You can follow us on facebook (Log on to Dogs Today's fan page and click 'like'), Tweet with us on Twitter (@beverleycuddy) and you've obviously found this blog already.
But have you read these others?

http://dogstodaythinktank.blogspot.com/ - problem solving
http://theperfectpup.blogspot.com/ - finding the perfect pup
http://petswithcancertryingcv247.blogspot.com/ - alternative cancer remedy support
http://whatshouldifeedmydog.blogspot.com/ - feeding blog
http://tailwaggersclubtrust.blogspot.com/ - our favourite charity blog, latest appeals etc

If you want to get something posted on any of these blogs contact enquiries@dogstodaymagazine.co.uk and we'll sort it!

Meet and greet:

We arrange interesting doggie events and there's a really exciting one coming up... behaviour guru Dr Ian Dunbar's birthday bash will be at Farnham, Surrey on April 15th. Click here for more details - hurry it's fast selling out.

Plus Dogs Today readers can get a discount at the new London Pet Show. See the code on their adverts in the mag to claim your discount. Don't have a magazine.... read on!

How to save money and never miss an issue...

Subscribe! It is SO much cheaper. And you don't have to pay a year up front if that's a problem. Standing order is cheapest - a payment of £8.50 comes out of your account every three months - so that means you pay in the UK an amazing £2.83 an edition! Over a year you'll save more than £10 if you currently buy the magazine over the counter.
Or you can choose lots of different ways to subscribe. To discuss the options email rachael@dogstodaymagazine.co.uk or phone 01276 858880 during office hours or go to our website to book online - you can even buy the latest issue on line at the same price it's on sale in the shops - but posted to your door as you can buy it in the shops. Click here 
As well as the price being much cheaper to you, we actually receive all of your money when you subscribe direct rather than just a percentage when you buy it in the shops. So we all win when you buy direct.

And do you organise a puppy class or have a litter coming up - contact rachael@dogstodaymagazine.co.uk and we will send you some free copies and a sub offer to give to your new puppy owners. Please help us spread the word and give your new owners some positive reading!

I'm sure there are lots more ways you can get involved, but above are just a few, off the top of my head. We're running short of cross questions, so please do hurry and send us some of those! And sometimes we get an invite to something swish and I tend to offer it on Dogs Today's facebook page first as it is so interactive and immediate, so please do take the leap and become a member if your on facebook. It's a very friendly page.

And also...a journalist asks for your help should you have ever had an unplanned pregnancy!

Justine Hankins (who writes our history section in Fido Facts) is writing a piece for PetPlan's mag and is looking for help! Have you ever had an accidental mating? What did you do? She's looking for people who decided to have the litter and for people who chose not to and ended the pregnancy at the vets. She'd be most keen to talk to you if you have ever had this dilemma. Her email address is Justine Hankins <justine.hankins@sky.com>
You can ask not to be named if you'd prefer!

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Chapstaff said…
Phew! There's plenty to be going on with there.

Sent a few funny pics of my dog to your caption comp a while ago.
Had an oldie featured who won a cake.
Have had letters published in the postbag.
Have contributed to the Think Tank from time to time.
Always enter all the comps. Haven't (yet) had my dog's pic in Dogs Today, despite subtly mentioning that I'd prefer that to being featured in Vogue myself....lol

Have crossposted the appeal for the breeds mentioned on D for Dog & Facebook, but I think it's time you did a feature on Staffords Beverley, it's ages since the last one & they get such a lot of bad publicity these days.

Oh - er - I've got a Stafford by the way.....
Anonymous said…
I'd still love to see Tyler in the magazine. We attended a shoot back last June time and so far he hasn't made it into the magazine.


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