Has your dog got a talent?

I was sent a link to a video of young Bulldog Gabe over the weekend and it made me realise that every dog is capable of greatness! I've never seen a Bulldog do much more than sofa share before, this really is an inspirational video!

If your dog has a special skill (and we don't expect Gabe standard, so don't be too intimidated!) have you entered the Kensington Palace Dashing Dog Show yet? They're calling it the original Dog and Throne Show... can't imagine who suggested such a dreadful pun (okay, I'll own up! It was me.)

Saturday 18 June
10.00 - 17.00
Kensington Palace Orangery Lawn

Entry is £10 per dog. People go free!  Lots of other classes for just good looking dogs - check out the website.
Plus, if you have a Cavalier you really need to be entering the Dash lookalike competition and if you have a dog that looks like you or indeed anyone or anything famous - here's your big chance too as there's a lookalike class!

Here's the talent category in more detail...

Royal Variety Pawformance

Does your canine companion have a special talent fit for a royal audience? Can they stand on two legs or play dead? Can they wave or roll over on command? Can they sing or even dance? If your dog has a special skill we want to see it...

Come on, imagination in gear yet? Train your dog to do a royal wave or a bow wow wow... and if you're struggling - how about a Royal wee? How about Corgi footman herding?

Gifted and talented or just royally loved, do get your little Princes and Princesses ready for the poshest dog show in the very short history of posh dogs shows!


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