Have you seen Brook?

Just passing this on.... please keep an eye open. Here's a link to the page on Dog Lost.


I'm writing to you in the hope that you can help.

On Saturday 16th April our beloved pet, Brook, a Chocolate Labrador, was stolen from our garden, in Lancaster, Lancashire.

Ever since then, we have been campaigning and doing all we possibly can to make people aware of him in the hope that Brook will be returned to us. We have tried everything possible even as far as getting Brook featured on ITV's 'This Morning' on the 19th May. We have also set up a Facebook group for him 'FIND BROOK' with over 800 members. But still we have had no leads. This is why I'm hoping you can help too.

Brook is four years old, he has a small white fleck on his chest and a slight kink in his tail. He is entire, and so we think he has probably been stolen for breeding purposes.

We have had Brook from a little puppy, he was given to me as a birthday surprise from my now husband with an engagement ring tied around his neck. He really was a massive part of the family and he is missed so terribly.

We live down a quiet country lane, where you really would not expect your pet to be taken from his family and home. It is just so cruel, and unfortunately when it happens to you, you realise that 'dognapping' is rife all over the country.

As you can imagine our family is totally devastated and are extremely worried for him and we just want him back home where he belongs. We are offering a reward of £2000 for his safe return.

I am hoping that this is something that you can assist with, if you require any further information, then please do not hesitate to contact me. Caroline 07765 785880

Many thanks for your time.

Kind regards

Caroline Hoyles


Anonymous said…
Hopefully somebody somewhere will know where he is, and he will be returned to you. I will pray that he comes home.

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