Mate Select launched

We hear Mate Select was launched last night at midnight by the Kennel club but I can't seem to find it, can you?
Channel 5 News are arriving at 9.30am to record a news piece about the launch. What do you think of it? Can you find it? Who will use it?

It's up and running now!

Do have a go, input your own dogs name.

Channel 5 came set up and had to go away again! Camera was broken! Hopefully coming back later. One of those days for glitches!


Anonymous said…
I can't find it either!
Frances said…
It has to be a Good Thing, but I suspect that the only breeders who will use it are those who would have done plenty of research anyway. Will it enable prospective owners to check the COI etc of the pups? If it also included the results of (mandatory!) health testing and longevity, it would be truly useful, but I suspect that is many years away ... and I can't find it, either!
Anonymous said…
It does include Health Test results - no such thing as "mandatory" health tests apart from ABS members. In it's current state it is of limited use due to the assumption that the first generation base are all unrelated, so a lot of breeds are showing an unrealistically low current COI, obviously in most breeds the founding stock would not be completely unrelated dogs but as the computerised database only goes back to about 1980 this was the assumption used for the starting point.

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