Hairy problem

Is Dogs Today the only magazine that answers the phone on a Saturday? It's meant to be for emergencies, but that is always open to interpretation. Perhaps some one had watched Friday's One Show and following the extraordinary advice of the dog expert now had a very large dog clamped to their foot?
The lady on the phone did sound a little distressed.
"I've been saving up my Bichon's hair for over a year and I can't find where to send it! I'm sure it was your magazine that carried an article or an advert about saving your dog's hair and that someone would use it to stuff a teddy bear. I am desperate to find this address as I want to give the Teddy bear to my dog as a present."
How could I say no?
Sadly I don't remember this if it was in our magazine, and I'm sure I would have remembered!
Does anyone know of someone able to provide this service? If so can you email me or leave a message on here - don't phone - it's not that much of an emergency!


Anonymous said…
This has popped up on Dogpages a few times - it's

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