Have you seen Fenton? Or Benton? We're looking for him!

If you have not yet seen these films, sit down, turn up the volume and have a jolly good chuckle. But do keep reading as we do have a serious point to make.

And this now legendary clip inspired:

Who'd have thought that naughty dogs could travel this far....

And of course Walt Disney has to have a version:

Adding music works:

And some more background:

Are there any more? Do let me know!

But where is Fenton? Did he ever come back and were the deer okay?
We would love to find him and his owner as we have a very generous offer on the table. We'd like to offer them both a deer awareness course.
In the next issue we will have an article that should help anyone else out there with a dog like Fenton.

But if you do know Fenton, please tell him we're looking for him!


Anonymous said…
I think he's already pretty aware of the deer ;-)
Anonymous said…
Shouldn't laugh, I know but it's so funny
Anonymous said…
Yes, Fenton is well aware of the deer, it's a shame his owner wasn't! I'd be far too embarrassed to come forward if that was my dog!
Matron said…
I have to stifle my laughter at this clip. All dogs have a chase instinct to a greater or lesser degree, whether it be a chihuahua, a labrador or a border collie. Unless you know you have trained your dog to have a good recall it is unwise to let it off the lead, particularly in Richmond park. Any gamekeeper or landowner would be well within his rights to shoot the dog on site.
A Morgan said…
The Andrex puppy version:

Dawn Hart said…
OMG totally shocked when I saw this clip.. Did not find it funny at all!!!! If that had been sheep he was chasing everybody would be up in arms about it..

I walk though a deer park sometimes, and even though my dog has an exellent recall I always use a flexi-lead, in case instinct takes over!!!!

Hope no females lost the babies they were carrying as a result of this stampede, but then we will never know, will we???

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