An historic day for Hounds for Heroes!

Page Three of the Daily Mail this morning and national ITV News this lunchtime and evening, what a momentous day for Hounds for Heroes.
Now that is what I call a launch...!
Cost - zero. 
Impact - meteoric.
Ever eloquant, Allen Parton did a great job and so did Carol Court...  but the stars of the piece clever EJ and the beautiful, clever puppies on parade.
Well done to the breeders and puppy parents and everyone who raised money, gave time and thought and sweat and tears.
Your great work created today - millions more people have heard of the charity tonight than knew this morning.
If by any chance you alight here via ITV News, please do buy some Hounds for Heroes Christmas cards - £2 a pack to the charity - not just a tiny percentage - see the link at the end.
And everyone you send a card to sees the name on the back and lovely little Juno in his jacket.
We are so very proud that we have Juno on our current cover and January (due out on December 8th) has the first five pups and our Fantastic Tim Rose photo that the Daily Mail loved so much they put on page 3... which made the rest of the media sit up and take notice!
Tim had the patience of a saint that day to get that shot - but it was worth every Nurofen he and I consumed. Little pups need you to do the work while they have fun - but we got there with a lot of help from photoshop and numerous cups of tea from the very understanding puppy walkers and trainers who let us do our thing! It was worth it, wasn't it!
A picture is worth a thousand words and page 3 of the Mail is gold dust.
February Dogs Today will have even more news of the charity and we'll be telling you how to get involved a a puppy walker or a fundraiser. This is such a wonderful charity and I know you all want to get behind it as it reminds the public how totally wonderful dogs can be, how a wagging tail can lift the spirit so much better than even the best chosen words. An d of course Allen writes for us every month as regular readers know! They've watched the charity be born.
I'm sure all Dogs Today readers will have watched the news tonight and have cheered Allen on.
Has there ever been a charity started by someone who was once a recipient of charity? Who has got their life back together to such a degree that they can pass the baton on to give other folk like him the sort of chance of a lifetime he had.
It's the stuff that dreams and Oscar winning feature films are made of....!
Kennel Cough vaccines mean the pups are resting up this week and can't do media - the ITV news was showing library footage shot a couple of weeks ago for local TV news. But the world has definitely awoken and is hungry for more.
Allen said to me today while exercising EJ, "It feels like it did when Endal was dog of the Millennium, there's that same media buzz."
I was so honoured and thrilled to be there in 1999 when the media madness started but I couldn't be more proud of Allen than I am today as this is quite a journey he's been on and there's still so much more to come!
Really is history in the making today.
Here's the link for the Xmas cards. Apologies for the advert, but it's for a VERY good cause!
Please do pass it on!


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