Remember remember dogs lost on 5th of November

I've been asked to give this a push.

It is always dreadful when dogs go missing, but especially old dogs when it's cold and there's lots of nasty bangs. But this story has people all over the world willing Ruaridh (pronounced Rory) home... can you help, too?

Here's Rory's link on doglost.
Very distressed owner, Aileen is all alone as her partner is visiting his elderly parents in Australia while both her sons are serving in the army. Her sons dearly want to help - but their postings mean they can't get home. They can obviously do without this worry.
People from all over the world are lending a helping hand - maybe they can't just get up to Scotland and search, but they have and are helping with moral support and good ideas - please do join in. The more eyes looking and the more people talking about Rory the better his chances of coming home.
Rory went missing in Boath Park area of Nairn in the Highlands of Scotland on firework night.
He's an 11-year-old neutered male black Labrador cross with an elderly/silver face.
He has a big fatty lump on his right side but no ID as he slipped his collar with the tags on it.
He has a silver tummy due to going grey.
His name is Ruaridh (Rory) and is very friendly-especially with children and would come if called.
Ruaridh (Rory) isn’t chipped due to getting really stressed out at the Vets.
Aileen happened to mention Rory on MSE forum (money saving expert) and lots of people tried to rally round and help. Soon the word was spread far and wide including a Facebook group. With all these people helping we thought it wouldn’t be long before this old timer was found.
The local radio MFR (Moray Firth Radio) was bombarded with emails and after a while they did put an alert out. The local papers ran the story but still nothing.
There were a few possible sightings and these were checked out but by the time someone got there he had gone further a field.
Poor, poor Aileen. Poor Rory.
If you are in the Highlands please keep an eye out for him, or if you are on any forums - doggie or not - can you spread the word and offer moral support?
Rory's facebook page
MSC Forum


Tracy said…
Thank you for putting Ruaridh on your blog, Beverley. I'm one of the bods on the MSE forum, but too far from Scotland to help.
thistledome said…
Bless you for putting Ruaridh on your blog, this old man needs all the help he can get, so does his distraught owner.
Anonymous said…
Will tell Maggie and Peter about this little man as they live in Scotland

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