Any more tales of injustice?

I've just been speaking to a nice researcher called Carla who is working on a new TV documentary. I said I'd post her appeal for more stories of doggie injustice... please help her if you can. They will hopefully be following the case of the Two poodle Martyrs.

"Raw TV are making a one-hour documentary about dogs and the law. We are interested in talking to anyone who has dogs that have been affected by any current legislation.
"This film will chart the process of law as we follow cases through to court, and will give an insight into how it can affect the owners and families of these dogs as they wait for the outcome of the trial.
"We are keen to speak to people whose dog is under threat (for example because of it's type) or it's behaviour. We are particularly interested in hearing from people who think their pet is no threat to the public, and are worried for their dog's future.
"If you have found yourself in a situation like this, or know someone who has, please get in touch with me: Carla on 0207 284 6880 or email
Many thanks

Do cc me on your replies to Carla as we are always keen to help.


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