Research shows 9 out of 10 researchers are a waste of space!

I've done a couple of radio interviews today on the story about the new research that shows the startling news that birds are frightened of dogs - click here to see the BBC version of the story.
I have to say the scientist who convinced someone to fund this research must be one hell of a salesman.
Could I get a research grant to discover if mice are frightened of cats? Or to see if bears poo in the woods? Or to discover if the pope is a catholic?
With all the worries about climate change, don't you think these scientists could find something a little more worthy to occupy their time?
Dogs have been being walked by people for arguably up to 100,000 years.
The fall in the numbers of sparrows in recent years can hardly be attributed to birds suddenly becoming much more scared of dogs! For a start there's far fewer dogs now than 20 years ago and thanks to loony anti-dog feelings these poor remaining dogs have hardly got anywhere left to walk in any case!
Anyone fancy researching how pointless the last year has been for these silly scientists?
Dog lovers are usually animal lovers. If we are told to keep our dogs on lead - or to avoid a conservation area we will. But this sort of research gives pseudo statistics for anti-dog bodies to use to make it more and more difficult to own a dog.
If only more of the population would get off the sofa and take some exercise!
Isn't it time someone funded research to show how much poorer our lives would be without dogs in it?


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Your last comment makes a lot of sense, valid point

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