Freedom - sort of...

Today the Two Poodle Martyr case came to court. It was promptly adjourned, at the request of the defence. But there is some very good news just in from Jill. I quote from her email just received...
"Well, they are home!! Totally fantastic!!"
Prior to the hearing Jill and Peter had a visit at home from a police dog handler who had spent some time with the dogs in kennels and he'd checked out their repaired fence etc. He spoke up at the hearing and said the Poodles weren't dangerous and shouldn't be held any longer. Which led to the dogs being let out on bail.
Jill continues..."They have set bail conditions - not allowed out of the garden, and on walks they must be kept on leads, but hey ho - I think we can cope with that. They are home!
"Can't describe how it feels to have the whole family back together. Sorry, to be so swift, but we are going to take them for a walk - on leads! They are really filthy, their coats are very greasy, and really need some attention, but who cares, they are HOME!!!
"Peter is still being charged - so we still have that hanging over us.
"The Magistrate wasn't very nice, and as Peter said, he felt like a murderer, rapist, you name it. She said that she wanted to proceed quickly, but we can't because of our solicitor not being available, and not having been granted legal aid yet - because Peter's accountant is still on holiday!
"It is so good having our girls home!"
I'm sure we're all delighted to hear this news, but why did it take all this time for sense to prevail? Think how much tax payer's money has already been wasted keeping these two family pets locked up.
We're still working on the wording for the petition. The Prime Minister's office rejected our first one, so its back to the drawing board.


Em said…
Fantastic that the dogs are home, but I still find it beyond belief that this is even going to court, let alone that a magistrate is actually taking it seriously. What an utter waste of time our justice and police systems seem to be at the moment.
Chapstaff said…
Thank goodness they are home, I'm only glad they had each other for company. What must have been going through their minds!.... the dogs that is.........though the same sentiment could be applied to those "in authority"

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