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This blog is inspired by a comment on Graham's blog (regulars will remember that Graham gave up work to nurse his dog Prince, who was battling cancer). Graham was saying on his latest post how much he was dreading going back to work.
I mentioned that sometimes doing what you love is worth taking a lower wage and that the last 17 years had just flown by for me!
(I've done 'proper' jobs in the past where even though you're paid a brilliant hourly rate - the time just drags.)
Anyway, we've just paid to put an ad in the local paper and then I thought - why not use the blog to see if there's anyone out there who would enjoy working on a dog mag as much as I do?
We're looking for a new member of staff. It's an admin/editorial assistant - and that's big on the admin, but it's what gets the magazine out every month.
Ideally we want someone who will enjoy talking to the readers when they phone up, be a team player, be conscientious and meticulous (so no one ever misses their mag due to a typing error!) and basically just mucks in, has a real pride in their work and really cares about what we do. We're based in Chobham in Surrey. We're an increasingly small crew in the office (so many of us have opted for home working that we are now scattered far and wide) and need one more person to man the office and be there for the postman!
This is a full time position. If it sounds of interest or if you know someone it may suit then please pass the word on!


I've been reading your blog since I saw it on Graham's list. I wish you weren't in the UK because I would probably apply for your job opening! Too bad the commute would be a killer!

-Linda (Douglas, MA, USA)
Anonymous said…
What a shame this role is office-based. If it wasn't, I'd be first in the queue, after Linda of course! If any editorial roles come up that need not be office based, do please let me know....!
Beverley Cuddy said…
Hi Linda
Maybe we should set up an American office for the mag? Many years ago when I had a lot more energy I was seriously contemplating doing a US edition. I think our Dial-a-dog section would be really useful as I gather puppy mills (=farms in the UK) are much more of a problem. (Check out the link and let me know what you think - it's a way of linking all the good people together and raising minimum standards and getting the pet owner all the facts before they buy.
Had a dip into your site and good luck on making Waldos life as healthy as possible. Have you yet discovered Catherine O'Driscoll - here's a web link if not!

And Graham, you never know we may have something in the future that ticks all the boxes! I'm a great believer in fate.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Sorry I didn't put a link for Dial-a-dog it's
If I didn't love my job so much, I'd be applying like a shot!!
Beverley Cuddy said…
What job do you do aoj? Checked out your site and saw some recipes. Do we have a chef in our midst?
E-Pawz said…
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