Dog Lady responds....

A few days ago I wrote to the internet doggie agony aunt about Oscar's unwanted garden relocation service. Her reply follows and I love the idea of having a foyer in our home. Perhaps that is what we need - an extra decontamination area - where Oscar can be searched for dead animals etc!

Dear Beverley,
Thank you so much for writing to "Ask Dog Lady." The simple answer is this: Oscars filth is fantastic. Dog Lady loves to see dogs getting down -- as it were -- to revel in the muck and mayhem they love so dearly. They are dogs. They are not porcelain figurines and they must be allowed to wallow with the best of them -- in this case, doggie friend Tess.
The more complex answer? Oscar, the garden weasle, can be helped to shed less filth and create more harmony in your home if you monitor his play dates with Tess. He doesn't have roll in the mud every day. You can control his activity, of course, by keeping him on a leash, walking him vigorously so he enjoys the sniff time he craves, and stopping him before he gets down and dirty. And after he's been a pristine little angel for a day or two, allow Oscar his mud time. You might keep some doggy Wet-Naps -- available at larger pet supply stores or through catalogues on line -- to wipe him down outside or in the foyer before he shakes off the dead frogs, nettles and bits of bushes on hubby.
Hope this helps. Best to you and Oscar, Dog Lady

I don't think Dog Lady can have met many Beardies like Oscar. His coat texture could be patented by Vileda as it would make a much better mop than they've ever managed!
I know the breed standard says weather proof and all that, and at skin level he's warm and dry so it kind of is, but that almost white fluffy stuff that he's encased in could have sucked up all the water in our recent office flood! And should any fleas dare to try to navigate their way around him they'd die of fright at the other things already lurking in there...
And Wet-Naps hmmm...... is Dog Lady having a little joke with us Brits? Isn't that something normally associated with adolescent boys?


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