Can you help Tailwaggers?

Tailwaggers Trust is an ancient, tiny charity that does a huge amount of good. It is often the only charity to provide significant help when a pet owner gets into crisis. Every case is assessed individually by a human being - no hiding behind guidelines, or fax machines like the big boys - or only talking via a vet. Our charity takes time to look at every case on its merits and tries to help keep pets and their owners together through financial problems, divorce - you name it.
Sadly - even though the charity does vital work - it is struggling to survive. Each year it pays out many thousands of pounds more than it raises and inevitably that can't go on for much longer!
I became Chairman a while ago and we are trying to raise funds so it can keep going. You just wouldn't believe some of the harrowing cases we deal with, it breaks my heart to think that no one will be around in the future to help these very desperate and deserving people and pets.
This month we have launched the Miles for Smiles campaign - a fund-raising sponsored walk. It is primarily aimed at junior and infant schools and allows the school to keep 25% of everything they raise. But if you'd like to do a sponsored walk to help benefit your dog club or organisation - the forms would work just as well.
Please take a look at the Tailwaggers website - there's a special page on Miles for Smiles and if you can raise us some funds that would really be wonderful!
Email direct if you want to do a walk and if you have kids at school please encourage your headteacher to take part.


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