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I get a lot of post, but every now and again I get a letter that stops me in my tracks. Do you fancy leaving the rat race behind to go and help Anne save dogs' lives?

"I run a small rehoming centre in a beautiful part of Wales, about a mile from the sea in a quiet position on the edge of a village. I usually rehome about two dogs from Death Row every week. The kennels only occupies about three hours of every day, often less - but I enjoy spending time with "my" dogs - and training them where necessary.
"I have been diagnosed with terminal cancer, probably having between six to 12 months to live, and I desperately want my work saving innocent lives (often only super lost dogs) to continue.
"I can offer an excellent caravan as accommodation - soon to be upgraded to a cabin or chalet. And possibly free grazing or stabling for one horse/pony to someone experienced with all kinds of dogs, who believes in discipline but also love. They would need to be a car driver and computer literate.
"There are dog grooming facilities and room for agility training - with a large exercise area on site.
"The only financial offer would be to retain housing benefit, plus the use of a decent car. But there are plenty of other opportunities for other work. Dog walking other people's dogs, bar work, domestic cleaning, gardening, lawn cutting etc."

I asked Anne for some more background. The sanctuary is in a small Welsh village. There's about 500 people, a delicatessen, two pubs, greengrocer, newsagent, hairdresser, small tool repair shop and a choir.
"My place is five minutes walk from the town centre and is very quiet. Badgers pass by it and it is full of birds and wildlife. A paradise for anyone seeking peace and calm rather than the rat race. It is two miles from the beach."

Please pass this appeal on. Let's try to find the right person to help Anne continue her excellent work. Email me for more details or to be put in touch with Anne. Please cross post - we need to find someone!


Chapstaff said…
I'm soo sorry to read this Anne. I hope you feel well for as long as possible.

I'm afraid I don't know anyone who would be suitable for this position, tempting as it sounds.

Take care love
Jayda Moon said…
I'm so inspired by you Anne and I wish you the best of luck. I've posted a plea on my own blog to spread the message. My own mother was interested but Wales is just not a possibility for us I'm afraid.

I'm sure someone will turn up soon, take care.

Anonymous said…
I am very interested in this opportunity. I have had experience working with boarding dogs, studs/breeding and show dogs - providing daily care, medication when needed, and have a great passion for the principles behind Anne's Sanctuary. I have also worked with other animals, have an abundance of rescue bunnies (7) who all came with their individual problems. I have taken in unwanted small animals and have done some rehoming work. I am computer literate (my current job being in a Purchasing Department- I also have great Admin. skills) and I can drive and have my own vehicle. I would like some more information or perhaps to contact Anne?
Julie said…
Hi my name is Julie and i am a qualified vet nurse working in Surrey. I have been looking to change my career for a while now and your centre sounds exactly the change i need. I have grown up with dogs and spend my whole day interacting with them on all levels. I am studying for a behaviour and training degree at present and already have a behaviour qualification. I have my own agility set that could be used on your land. I am really interested in this life changing offer, as i do help with a rescue at the moment, fostering and home checking dogs and owners, as wel as rehoming dogs from the vets and the dog warden. Please contact me with further details as i would really like this opportunity to make a difference to dogs lives and offer them a better life.
Beverley Cuddy said…
The great news is that Anne is quite hopeful that she has found someone through our search!

If anyone still wants to contact Anne please email me on

Thank you so much to everyone who has offered assistance, what an inspirational bunch of people you lot are, too!

World would be a better place if everyone was as nice.

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