This little dog really is just for Christmas!

Do you live in the Norwich area? Have you got a dog-proof garden? Have you got some experience with small dogs? Might you have room for one more just for the Christmas holidays?

An active 16 year old neutered male Yorkie needs somewhere lovely to spend Christmas. His elderly owner (Age 82) will be in hospital following a fall and the neighbour who very kindly took the dog in and usually helps her out with walks is going to have a very full house over Christmas and really could do with finding a temporary holiday break for this lovely little dog. He can come back to her as soon as her guests go - she'll have 9 Miniature Schnauzers staying! She tells me he gets on well with other small dogs and is very affectionate. Only needs one walk a day and is on no medication.

If you think you can help please email me or message me for the contact details.


bugs said…
Beverley, it may be worth contacting Justine from She lives in Kent mind you. Dont know if it will help.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Good idea - if you area member could you possibly cross post it on their forum? I'm not a member.

Best wishes
Anonymous said…
The Cinnamon Trust might be able to help.
Any idea how he is with other dogs/ cats?
Chapstaff said…
It says he is good with other dogs.

I think someone in the area would be really pleased to be able to 'borrow' a dog to share Christmas with them. Particularly someone who might otherwise be alone.

As we all know - dogs get you out & about meeting people as well as being good company.

The whole concept of 'borrowing' a dog is a great idea as long as the person is known to be responsible, & the fosterer might like the idea of rescuing a dog for ever if all goes well.

So........I can dream can't I?
Anonymous said…
Such a shame I live too far away, or I would have willingly had him join us and our 2 Yorkies for Christmas, Woodysmum
bugs said…
I have sent Justine a PM. Will look tomorrow as she usually goes on late.
bugs said…
I have sent a PM to you on deefer.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Looks like this might be sorted! Our Assistant Editor Karen lives in Norfolk. She has Max the handsome dog who was the logo dog for Wag and Bone - he's quite an old fella himself these days, especially since contracting cdrm. The two dogs are going to meet to make sure they get on, and if they do then it's all sorted. Well done Karen! Would love to see the Xmas photos! Apparently the little Yorkie is called Scamp.
bugs said…
So pleased this little babe has somewhere to go at Christmas.

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