Can you help Sunny and Madeline?

I have another dog owner in distress that needs some help. Tailwaggers Club Trust hears so many sad stories, but I'm wondering if we have any other lovely petfood moguls out there that may be able to assist?
Here's the story so far from Carol, our lovely lady on the phones...
"This lady left a message on the answer machine asking for help with re homing. She sounded very upset and I got the impression there was a lot going on in her life.
When I spoke to her I asked her why she needed Sunny to be re homed and she explained that her circumstances have drastically changed and she can't afford to feed him. There are health problems, plus her partner left her on Boxing Day with massive debts, she was self-employed but her business has gone. There is an issue with claiming benefits and the amount of national insurance she has paid, which is being reviewed but currently she is living on £26.50 per week.
When I spoke to her she had returned from church and someone from the church had promised to visit her on Tuesday and bring some dog food. (it turned out to be a week's worth.)
She is trying to do the right thing and be a responsible owner and it seems a very sad situation." Sunny is a 4 years old German Shepherd and Madeline has had him for two years - he was a failed police dog, given up by a family as destructive, but too much of a wimp to make the grade as a police dog.
Can anyone help keep these two together? Sounds like they need each other. Anyone prepared to help feed Sunny into Madeline gets back on her feet?
Thank you to everyone - looks like this one is solved!
Lovely Hamish at Burns Pet Nutrition has very kindly donated some of their excellent food. And then dog behaviourist Debbie Connolly very kindly agreed to send Sunny a bag of food every month until things get sorted. She has German Shepherds herself and has been through a nasty relationship split herself so could empathise with Madeline. She said she wanted to give something back as she was helped out by friends when things looked bleak, too. She's recently started a new pet food, the first devised by a dog behaviourist.
Check out Debbie's website . Her food is called SafePets Intelligent Feeding. They are a range of premium foods that are hypoallergenic, free from artificial ingredients and wheat and gluten free.
Don't you just love a happy ending! Thank you everyone for offering to help with this one.


Anonymous said…
I don't mind donating a bit towards food for him - wont be a lot as im skint, but if we all gave a little bit, he would be fine.
Anonymous said…
Could one of the trillions of GSD rescue places help to provide food? It would save them having to feed - and kennel him - if he ended up at their gates, so would actually save them money!

Anonymous said…
I don't mind donating money or bags of food but would need more details committing myself to; quantify the cost please or size of . And the question is does she want to keep the dog - I know I would want to but it was not clear from your article.


Mama Rufus

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