It's finally the day before....

Apologies for the lack of structure in this blog - my mind is ful of to do lists!
Please remember to bring your dog's water bowl with you and ideally bring some bottled water. There will be water points on site, but it's a huge arena. There will be a few funky communal water bowls with bottled water should you forget, but our veterinary advice is shared water bowls can spread disease so best not to. (Our dogs prefer slimy ponds, dirty puddles etc and seem to suffer no ill affects - dogs don't seem to bother reading health and safety advice do they!)
And also - please do remember poo bags! Scooperman will be watching - and spectacular scoops and good behaviour will be rewarded with smashing prizes like a Poopod or a bag of treats.
And another housekeeping note, why do people leave bags of poo beside cars in the car park? If you see anyone doing this can you give them a long hard stare!!! It's the worst job in the world sweeping the car parks for used poo bags - people run over them and well yuk! Bag and bin is the way to go.
Scooperman will watching - he doesn't get out much, people from the planet Krapton have limited employment opportunities and it'll be his job to clear the car parks when everyone goes home - so prancing about in lycra seems no hardship to him if it limits the number of squashed bags of poo he has to harvest at the end of the day!
You can still enter Top Dog online until midday today (Friday), should you have forgotten up until now! Classes are filling up fast though.
Here’s a tip enter last category first and work backwards. Most people enter 11am Waggiest heat and the Loveable at 11.30 etc. But if you started with Melting Expression at 11am and worked back up the list you’d not be in such full classes!
And top tip if you want to get on TV - enter Best 6 legs in Top Dog or go in Look-alikes! (And watch Richard and Jody next week on Channel 4). Or equally - if you've phoned in sick from work to go to the show - avoid these areas like the plague!
There are just loads of things you enter on the day - Top Dog included. So don’t worry about missing the on-line entry.
We look forward to seeing you and your dogs tomorrow - or if you're camping - see you later! Sounds like there's going to be quite a party - all the Dfordog forum people are meeting up! Perhaps next year we can have some other campsite activities - I'd always fancied having campsite lectures and stuff. Maybe if we have the wolf people next year we could have a howl-in? Suggestions please for camp activities.
Don’t forget the roof rack – there are some amazing doggie shopping experiences and bargains to be had! Most intriguing - the Poodle jellies on Daisy's Dog Deli stand - can't wait to see them!
One last note – if you haven’t bought your tickets yet you’ll need to remember to get some cash. There’ll be no credit cards or cheques taken on the gate, sorry.
And do keep doing the sundances everyone - the weather forecast did improve after the DforDog forum initiative! Whata talented bunch you are.
A big thank you to all the volunteers for making this show happen, it's wonderful to see so many people working together for dogs.


Anonymous said…
Cant wait although I dread to think of our brain of britain thing...been so hectic here with a broken car that we havent had much practice yet so lots of treats will be used!

Maybe a booby prize for the amount of treats used in two mins?
Beanz said…
Awww I'm sorry we won't be able to come. We hope you have a fab time though. How could you not?

love Beanz
(and Chips)

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