Cold Wet Nose countdown

I can't believe we're only days away from the show. The office is a hive of activity. Rosettes and prizes being parceled up. Last minute list making interspersed with exciting phone calls.
Did you catch the lovely item on little Emily (the incredible five year old contestant in Dog Brain of Britain) on 5 news on Channel 5  today? Wonderful. I hear the story was on Sky News, too.
Did you see Woman's Own this week. A great feature on inspirational Jordan whose Cocker Spaniel Rupert graces our front cover this month.
All these positive stories of kids with their lovely dogs really lifts the soul and isn't it great to have the chance to celebrate dogs in the media.
There's so much going on it's hard to write everything down - but there are several TV crews interested in showcasing the show. One for CBBC following the great kids and their dogs - and another - well I'm not going to tempt fate by saying, but if it comes off it'll be just amazing. Will know more tomorrow...
And yes, I did forget to do the photos of Oscar and Tess for the Yumega trial. The weather was so grim... plus I worked all weekend (where are the violins?)
I've noticed changes in Tess that aren't just coat related. She is beginning to look more like her old self somehow - pre spay. Her body shape is more athletic somehow - she looks younger somehow. I got to have a chat to the brains behind Yumega the other day and he mentioned some of the other stuff he put in the blend and there is something designed to sort out hormonal problems. It's amazing how quickly I noticed a change in both dogs. There was obviously something lacking and I thought I was feeding a pretty top top food. Just seems its very hard for Omega to survive in prepared food and you've got to add it back in.
Learn something new all the time... if you have any doggie coat skin problems, I'd certainly give it a go. 
Are you coming to the show? Which bits have you entered?
You can still enter Top Dog online right up to the night of the show - so do remember to do it as some of the classes are filling up fast. It's really simple, so go on get organised and plan your day.
You can enter Look-alikes, Dog Brain of Britain and most other things on the day.
Not sure I'll have time to blog again much before the big day. If you're going don't forget to check out Woof factor on the Organipets stand. It's an exciting new competition - but if you aren't at the show you can still enter on-line. Check it out - if you and your dog deserve treating then check it out! Here's their website but I'm guessing the comp only goes line at the show.
Enjoy the show and can we all pray for good weather - not too hot, not too cold and not too wet at all! The long range forecast looks near enough perfect, let's hope the weather men have got it right for once!


Anonymous said…
Can't wait!
Chapstaff said…
All the best, hope it goes really well for you.

I'm sure it will be a HUGE success.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Only one day to go and some weather forecasts are now not even saying showers - just overcast which is the ideal dog show weather. Not too hot!

It's getting totally thrilling, hope you're coming!
Anonymous said…
It is getting very exciting, must pack water bowl, travel bowl, etc tonight or I will definitely forget and Chloe will kill me. Look forward to meeting you!

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