Juggling badly

Working mums out there - how do you cope with the summer holidays? If I thought I was busy before the Cold Wet Nose it now seems like a doddle compared to trying to work and keep my seven year old amused!
He's not in the least bit interested in going to a camp. 
At work today Kieran amused himself with all the dog beds we have on test, he made an enormous den and invited office dog Woody in to share with him! Then he made an agility course out of Company of Animals long handled poo collectors.
As to what else he'll get up to in the office for the next two months – answers on a postcard, or in comments!
Did you hear Chris Evans talking about Cold Wet Nose show on his drivetime show on Radio 2 on Monday. Wonderful.
Been looking at the photos from the show and there's thousands of them and there's some crackers. Pulling together all the coverage for the show is bringing back little memories I'd overlooked. It's going to be a cracking issue - just allocated some more pages for show, as the pictures deserve it. 


Anonymous said…
Obviously only a small percentage of the pics will make it into the magazine - what's the chances of a bigger selection making it on the web somewhere (maybe the existing show site)??
Beverley Cuddy said…
It's a good idea. Maybe we'll get a chance after we've put this issue to bed.
We'll try and squeeze as many in as possible this month though!
If you went to the show and took a good pic and have something to say do email them in as we'll have a meaty section on the show in postbag, too!
Lucy King said…
Will look through the 200 odd photos my partner took!
Mina said…
"Working mums out there - how do you cope with the summer holidays?"

In the past I've bought an extra week's holiday back from the boss and annoyed all my colleagues by taking three days a week off during July and August so they can't go on holiday. The other two days I sparingly used every relative I've got until I ran out.

Luckily J loves computer games, so as long as there is wifi these days he's happy anywhere.

Good luck!
Beverley Cuddy said…
Thanks for the tips Mina! Maybe we should start a creche in the spare room of the office!
Bring the kids and the dogs to work...

Sadly I'm all out of relatives, used to really rely on my mum when Kieran was a baby - couldn't have kept everything going without her. Kieran has only one Grandparent left and none on my side.
alfmcmalf said…
Oh can Kieran set up some sort of doggy day care company? - sounds like he'd be very good at it and I am in desperate need....
Anonymous said…
Hi Beverley,maybe you should take a well deserved holiday for a couple of weeks i am sure Kieran would love to go away somewhere nice with your dogs in the school holidays,treat yourself you deserve it.
Great - I've got all this to look forward to! Do I live too far away to make use of the office creche?!

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