Competition time

And yes, I'm working from home and have no idea what the prizes are - but trust me there are prizes!
Can you guess the parents of this first cross? There'll be clues if you don't get it...

And how about coming up with uplifting funny captions for this wonderful photo?

And no this isn't the same dog after being washed in Daz!


Anonymous said…
patterdale x pug !
Anonymous said…
Pug x Shih tzu?

Julia said…
My immediate thought for a caption was:

"Captain Pugwash I presume!"

Anonymous said…
Border Terrier and Min Schnauzer??
Anonymous said…
The Pug is obviously auditioning for the role of Snow White in the local Panto!
Anonymous said…
Well it says Whiter than white, but my face is still dirty!

Pug x Bischon

shih tzu x bischon
Beverley Cuddy said…
Congratulations Lucy King!!!! Pug x Bichon it is. And no clues given - very, very good!

Can you email with your choice of book - if you want a breed book - which breed? If not a general dog book from Interpet will be winging your way.

STILL TIME TO ENTER THE CAPTION! You can email direct to

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