Stop eating those After Eights...

Nothing on the box till Harry Hill? Played with, eaten or broken all your pressies?
Why not visit the Dogs Today Think Tank and share your doggie knowledge with others. There's a load of new questions on there, so please do have a browse - and if there are any questions you'd like answered do email me so I can post them as the blog is no respecter of office hours!
Latest question asks you about your top tips for products you couldn't do without. I've kicked it off with Crazy Dog Grooming Spray - which I am sure is in some way enchanted as the knots do seems to undo themselves when you spray! And no - they don't advertise so I'm definitely not biased!
Have any of you found something remarkable? Pass it on!
Also, any experts out there who can explain why we and dogs are so different when it comes to chocolate and grapes? How come they can eat a rancid bit of dead animal or drink from stagnant stinky pond with no ill effects - but things like grapes which we consider a health food can kill them. How exactly do we differ?
The Think Tank is awaiting your input should you tire of another round of Trivial Pursuit!
Click here to take part


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