No news... but possibly there is in the detail

The piece in the Guardian is fascinating, quirky and eccentric, but sadly - no scoop.
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I'll summarise.
KC claim documentary on the one hand told them nothing new but it still managed to be shocking and biased.
Reporter finds the KC fascinating, quirky and eccentric.
He also finds the documentary maker fascinating, quirky and eccentric.
He finds a person who shows and breeds dogs fascinating, quirky and eccentric.
I say something he finds amusing and he ends on quite a good joke.
The most important bit in all that clever writing - two paragraphs from the end...

"What happens next is hard to say. Much hinges on the BBC, which has convened an expert panel to advise it on whether the health concerns raised by Harrison's programme are being effectively addressed by the Kennel Club. A BBC spokesman says the decision on whether it will broadcast next year's Crufts is imminent and that the corporation is "hopeful" of continuing the 42-year association. Harrison says she would be "incredibly disappointed if the BBC does not drop Crufts"."

Sounds like the BBC wants to go ahead doesn't it? "Hopeful," is an odd word for them to choose. It seems to indicate the decision is out of their hands! Who is on this special panel of there's and why is it taking them so very long to decide?


miked said…
What they have all forgotten is that the BBC need Crufts and not the other way around. The KC could lease a channel on Freeview which would still reach the target audience and the BBC would lose out.
Who needs the British Biased Coroporation anyway.
They can go to hell with all their other leftie friends.

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