Early birds and dogs

Is there anybody there?

Oscar decided it was such a nice morning that I should see more of it. It's very early indeed. I think he likes coming to work so much that he thinks we should all start earlier.
Wednesday, ahh Apprentice day on TV. Only 16 hours to go....!
Still haven't had my Lovers Lead arrive and I have been watching for postie to bring a package every day.
Maybe it will come today. Maybe that's why Oscar's so full of the joys of spring this morning.
Wonder if I can kip on the sofa for an hour before the kids get up?
Here's a survey to fill in if there's any other night owls or early birds out there....
As you might see there's considerable debate as to whether this breed health survey is flawed, but you may as well fill it in so it's as representative as possible as it seems to be going ahead despite these legitimate worries.
I think we need as many pet owners as possible to fill a form in online. One of the flaws of the survey is it is totally anonymous and there's nothing to stop someone inputting hundreds of bogus surveys to sway the results in any direction they want.


Chapstaff said…
Already filled it in. It's very simplistic..........:(

I can't see anyone learning much from these results even if people filled them in properly.

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