First week in the new office

I'm sitting at my new desk, the birds are all tweeting and out of my window all I can see is green. Oscar and Tess love the new regime and are much more relaxed here than in our old office, the one with the one dog clause in the lease!
The light is better here somehow, there's a happy atmosphere.
It's peak time now at the magazine but it's time to shut this computer down and close the door - and go across the garden to start work on my laptop!
See there is still a work home divide! It's just a narrower one.


Anonymous said…
every good wish in your new 'home from home' office. I'm sure you will be as successfull as ever. x Wendy
Anonymous said…
what a beautiful iMac. Oh, and the view is good too!Tony Cruse
jo siemieniowski said…
Good Luck in your new workspace, im sure thyat in such a nice place of work that it will only enhance the atmosphere.and of course making the mag as successfull as ever.
Beanz said…
What, the birds use Twitter? Technology is really spreading!

Welcome to your new home

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