Testing times

First load of blood tests normal.
We're doing the DNA test for Fucosidosis on Wednesday, and if that comes back normal we're off for a neurology consult.
Tess has been at my side all day today and has been an angel.
However, I did notice something. She likes to do a variant of a beg, where from the sit she puts her front paws either on my arm or leg - it's very appealing.
Three times today she's lost her balance doing her begging.
She seems extra clingy and affectionate.
Poor old Tess.
She had the muzzle on for two minutes. That's how long it took her to find a way of taking it off. We have a no patting rule now in the office and an exclusion zone around my desk.
Humming the Jaws theme has broken the tension a little!
She does look like butter wouldn't melt.


barrie said…
You are doing everything you can do! Hang in there! Love to Tess who I am sure is as baffled by this as the rest of you are :-(
Julia Livesey said…
Some good news then. Good luck with the DNA tests. Hugs to Tess.
Penkitty said…
Let's hope they get to the bottom of things soon. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way.
Chapstaff said…
Just read all this :-(
You must be worried sick, I'm soo sorry to hear this.

I've just had a read-up on Fucosidosis & it's very rare, so fingers crossed it's not that, or anything else serious.

Good luck, & hugs to Tess.
cambstreasurer said…
Fingers crossed that it's something relatively treatable like epilepsy.

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