Click and Treat dogs as Pizza

Would you be outraged if you could buy a pup on ebay?
How about a website where you can click on a pup, pay by Paypal and have it delivered the same day - a bit like ordering a pizza?
You can choose between 18 breeds.
Just one click and a real live puppy goes into your shopping basket.
But don't worry it's not exactly like buying a pizza! Each pup has a six month guarantee, just like buying a fridge or a hairdryer. Plus there's an insurance cover note, too.
In case you don't believe me, check it out for yourself...
Something has got to be done to protect pups from being treated with the same disposability as a thin crust Pepperoni Passion.
Puppy Day is September 19th.
Until that day, and on this day we need to change the way the law treats pups. They are treated like any other possession we purchase.
We wouldn't have human adoption online - just one click and the baby is delivered... well not unless you're Madonna obviously!

We contacted PetPlan for a comment and have just received this from them:


Thanks very much to you and a few of your readers who have brought it to our attention that someone has been using an unauthorised advert. Unfortunately, this happens from time to time and with the web being seemingly endless it is almost impossible to know when this happens all the time. It is great that people are happy to bring this to our attention.

We have also looked at this particular organisation and have requested that they do not use Petplan cover notes for the animals sold to new owners. Their terms of business to not comply with our Puppy Charter. I have written to them today to communicate this and would hope that you will see references removed very quickly.


Alison Andrew
Allianz Animal Health


Anonymous said…
What is Petplan's response?! Surely it is not happy to be associated with this!
I love the fact they say they do not source from 'unlicensed puppy farmers'. Most puppy farmers ARE licensed! And NO reputable breeder would let their pups go anywhere without vetting the families first!
I'm speechless.
Anonymous said…
No requirement for dog breeders to obtain a dog breeders licence in S Ireland and this is where the puppies sold at Interpups are comming from - puppy farms.

Do not be fooled by the offer of insurance, guarantee, this is just to put a respectable face on their sordid trade of buying in and reselling puppies.

Licensed kennels? Licensed yes, they have a pet shop licence to 'buy in and resell puppies'.
Chapstaff said…
I'm totally shocked. I immediately picked up on the bit about 'unlicensed puppy farmers' too.

A lot of people wouldn't realise how disreputable this advert is. It's an attractive enough advert, bright, with family photos blah blah!

Anon - do you know for a fact the puppies are coming from S.Ireland?

What can we do about this ad...?

I mean - "Your basket is empty" what a horrifying expression.
It's like picking up a puppy from a supermarket shelf while doing the weekly shop! We've all made an impulse buy when grocery shopping, but it's not normally a life & death decision!
Unknown said…
This is so outrageous - I can't even find the spluttering with anger! And the saddest thing is that there will be lots of 'ignorant' members of the public who WILL be taken in by empty reassurances of "add ons" and slick website design...

I'm also surprised by Petplan's willingness to be associated with this!

In the pink said…
60 mile radius???? FROM WHERE????
So very very sad that people exploit puppies in this appalling way.
Anonymous said…
I've rung PetPlan and am waiting a reply from their marketing dept.
Having rung Interpups too, they will not allow any visit unless it's a specific appointment.. this is enough to KNOW they are a puppy mill and no doubt kept in atrocious conditions and only brought out into the clean kennel when they know someone is coming.
Jane Ardern said…
This is so so wrong!
Mandy Payne said…
We must try and do something about this - I've left a comment on their website (questioning where the puppies come from and asking where they are kept) - maybe if we all do that it would be a start - but obviously a much bigger campaign to outlaw the sale of puppies (or any living creatures come to that) as if they are mere commodities. Maybe a first step would be to ban the sale online (so at least people would have to make the effort to visit somewhere). The website is very appealing and I'm sure a lot of people will be reassured that they are a responsible organisation and will buy from them. As Chapstaff says, we've all made impulse buys (which we've regretted later) - and how much easier to do so when buying online!! I wonder how many of these poor puppies will end up in rescue ... or how many good intentioned novice owners will end up with a dog they love to bits who has all sorts of health and/or behavioural problems... Very depressing. Mandy
Beverley Cuddy said…
We've just added PetPlan's comment - see the original blog.
Colliegal said…
The pedigrees for the interpup thing are coming from The Dog Lovers Registration Club. This group supply 'pedigrees' for non-KC registered dog, on the basis that the KC only deal with show - what about all the obedience, agility, working trials, etc, dogs? So, who proves their pedigree - doesn't pedigree dog mean purebred? Are they DNA tested? They advertise stud dogs as young as 12 months - too young for some health checks to have been carried out. They also provide on their drop down menu the facility to advertise a bulldog cross on their pedigree stud dog listing!!! This lot seriously need looking into too in my opinion.
Chapstaff said…
Well done PetPlan
Anonymous said…
Just looked up the postcode on multimap - aerial view. Seems a fairly built up area but next to some sort of industrial unit. Anyone live close?
In the pink
In the pink said…
...........I sometimes wonder why the Breed Clubs don't get a bit more upset at this sort of thing. They don't seem to bother.
Penkitty said…
I was just about to cancel my PetPlan policy!
When will this appalling trade stop?!
I am beginning to think it would be better for dogs to be extinct!!
In the pink said…
just remember - everytime we click on this dreadful company we push it up the search ratings. Catch 22? How to keep an eye on it without furthering its success???
wellie boots said…
Perhaps need a couple of people to agree to keep an eye on it, and then to report back here, or better maybe, one person to copy the page and make it available elsewhere so we can all see it but without actually going onto their site. anyone techie could do this?

Anonymous said…
Pet Plan was not happy that their slogan had been displayed on Interpups website without their permission.

I have to wonder had Pet Plan not had their attention drawn to this would they have taken this positive action and asked for it to be removed?

They did not hesitate to allow them (Interpups)to obtain the covernotes/insurance documentation to give to purchasers of puppies from their company in the first place (providing they did not advertise the fact)?

Now that PetPlan have taken this stance with one pet shop licence holder and rightly so should they not adopt the same policy and not supply insurance documentation to any pet shop licence holder?

There are many more pet shop licence holders that also offer Pet Plan insurance and are still doing so.

I would like to ask Pet Plan to make a positive stand on this issue. Why? Because no ethical breeder would ever supply puppies to a third party seller, all dealers of puppies have to buy their puppies from puppy farms and commercial breeders. Pet Plan should not be suporting this trade by offering them insurance.

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