Results and conclusions

The Animal Health Trust pulled out all the stops and beat their own record for turning around a DNA test, aren't they wonderful?
Tess does not have the fucosidosis gene, so that wasn't the problem, thank god as that would have been incurable and very depressing.
In the last couple of weeks Tess has been incredibly level and it's easy to try and forget her strange lapses. Who knows maybe whatever the problem was has alleviated?
We're still not taking any chances, she's under my desk at work. The kids know not to bend down to pat her, to keep their faces out of the way at all times. I stopped the postman patting her yesterday - just seems safer somehow.
For some reason I'm holding back on phoning the vet and pressing on with the neurological tests. I think we're both enjoying a bit of semi-normality, although it could be the calm before the storm. Will phone on Monday. But for now I'll pretend it's the same old lovely Tess at my feet and nothings wrong.
Here's an office snap for of Oscar, too. "My dog's got no nose...! How does he smell? No idea, he can't see where he's going either most of the time!"


Julie Hill said…
They are both such cuties! Enjoy the calm for now as you say. Good luck with Tess. Julie x
Julia Livesey said…
Really pleased to see that Tess doesn't have fucosidosis. But I do think you need to press on with trying to find our what the problem is. You need to be one step ahead just in case she had another 'episode', rather than 2 steps behind.
barrie said…
That is wonderful news! I am so happy for you and Tess :-) I feel positive that the good news will continue and this will go down in memory as that weird couple of weeks where Tess was acting peculiar.
Chapstaff said…
Remember your own mystery illness? Hopefully it just runs in the family & no more will come of it.
I really hope so anyway.
TheEejits said…
Wooo Hooo! That is brilliant news! So pleased for you and & Tess.

Sending gentle snuffles for Tess and hoping you can all get on and enjoy the newly restored calm :)
jo siemieniowski said…
really really pleased that tess does not have that dreadful fucosidosis. maybe it was just a blip. and she will never again act the way she did, anyway best wishes to you and tess.
Beanz said…
thank goodness! hopefully that will be an end of it

love Beanz
Chapstaff said…
Is Tess still as normal Beverley? Did you ring the vets on Monday?
Anonymous said…
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